Good Sport Award

2016 Good Sport Award Report:


The nominees for 2016 :  Rhona Hauskens, Sharon Keillor, Jane Killion-Lindquist, Ann Radford, and the first Team USA (Samantha Brown, Jessica and Aaron Graulau, Amy and Phil Jaspers, Beth Parry, Krista Prater-Piles, Victoria Sottile, Glenna Wright, plus pitch-hitting handler Jan Dykema, and the official flag bearers Becky and Bill Poole).


Our award winner is Mrs. Ann Radford. We think her nomination letter highlights her achievements perfectly.


“Ann has been actively involved in Bull Terriers for over 25 years.  During that time she has not sat idly by or loved Bull Terriers from the comfort of her sofa – she has been improving our breed by volunteering, exhibiting, breeding, mentoring, stewarding and judging.  She is truly passionate about Bull Terriers and it is evident in all the time she devotes.  She goes to shows sometimes without a dog just to support the Club and participate in the comradery and encourage others, she volunteers for every committee and Club she can, both in the US and Canada, and she regularly travels abroad to see the breed in different countries.  She makes an effort to introduce herself to those who are new to the breed or those she hasn’t met, she is happy to offer a suggestion to those who are struggling and need some guidance, and to congratulate her fellow exhibitors even if she herself loses.  In an environment that is often competitive, she is not about personal gain.  She is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and genuine.  She is the true definition of a good sport.”


The behavioral characteristics and contributions of this year’s award winner are an ideal role model for anyone who aspires to be considered a true sportsman.  Her walk says it all-the things she has done, the things she says, the contributions she makes are truly the activities of a person who knows what it means to be a good sport!


It is time to reflect again, the health of the entire Bull Terrier community depends on the health of each individual member. We are deeply connected to each other.  Let us remember that the positive contributions of one member- human or canine- benefit and encourage us all; and conversely, each individual wrong can damage the whole. We ALL share responsibility for making a stronger breed.


We are no longer isolated as a single community on the North American Continent. With social media, we are now connected globally to other fanciers. The vitality of the whole depends on each person involved.  As we learn about dogs outside of our immediate community, we also learn about the people who own them. It is our hope in the good sport community that  Ann’s global example will set a precedent for good sportsmanship all over the world.

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