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Our mission is to encourage Bull Terrier participation in performance sports, therapy work and other activities that bring fulfillment to bullies and their owners.  Positive training creates a deep bond between dog and owner, while performance provides enjoyable mental and physical exercise for both.


We organize Canine Good Citizen Testing, Rally, Obedience and Agility trials and workshops at the National Specialty. The committee reports on Performance achievements in BARKS and the RECORD, and provide articles on training and behavior.


Member contact for each sport – Each activity has a contact person who is experienced handling Bull Terriers in that activity.    The Performance committee and a few other devoted BTCA club members are here to help you find a fun dog sport that is just right for you !   Feel free to contact them with any questions.     We would love to talk with you.


How to get started – Explore some of the fun activities that you can participate in with your Bull Terrier .  From Agility to Nosework, Rally to Barn hunt, learn the basics of each sport and how to get started.  Click on the icons above for information about specific activities.

Versatility and Versatility Excellent Awards – These prestigious awards recognize those members and their dogs who have earned multiple performance titles in a variety of venues.  Owners are responsible for notifying the Performance Committee of eligibility and for providing verification.


Training and Behavior – tips and articles on training, what to look for in a class/instructor, and recommended reading list.   (Coming soon )

You don't have to compete.  Most of the enjoyment and benefit of these activities comes from going to classes and taking a little time to play at home. You will be rewarded with the best relationship you’ve ever had with your dog and you will both come to understand and appreciate each other even more.  In the end you get to go home with the best dog in class or at the trial: your Bull Terrier!

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