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USA Team Competition 2017

In order to be able to field a full Team to compete in the International Country Competition in Holland this year the application process has been reopened with a new closing date of July 26th.


We encourage you to consider applying to be part of the TEAM to represent your country at this prestigious event. The show is like no other in the world. You will have the opportunity to see some of the best dogs from around the world, meet a host of renown breeders, and experience the culture, the charm and Holland hospitality. All this plus a dog show.....it doesn't get any better than that!?


Please send your applications, photos and video to Ann Radford at mayhembts@rogers.com by end of day, July 26, 2017.  Email me if you have any questions!


Annually, Bull Terrier breeders, owners and enthusiasts from around the world attend the Dutch Bull Terrier Club (NBTC) show weekend in Leiden, The Netherlands as the NBTC hosts a stellar weekend which includes a Championship show on Saturday and a Countries Competition on Sunday.  Last year, over 300 Bull Terriers were entered in the Championship show and 16 countries were represented at the Countries Competition. The BTCA has sent a team in 2015 and 2016.


We now are looking for eligible dogs to be part of Team USA 2017!


The BTCA and its Board of Directors has established the rules of participation of a team from the United States in the Country Competition, compliant with any rules determined by the NBTC for said participation.


The  “Bull Terrier Club of America Country Competition Handbook” defines the rules of qualification and selection, timelines, committees, points of information and protocols for the team in the Country Competition, as established by the BTCA. Jurisdiction over any and all further rules, components of selection and final participation in the competition will be determined by the Board of Directors of the BTCA, who may amend, delete or add to these rules and components.


If you are interested in applying to be part of Team USA and travelling with your dog to Holland for the November 19, 2017 Country Competition, please review the required criteria and complete the  application form.




May 15

Applications to be submitted to the Team USA Committee Administrator.


July 1

Using the AKC breed standard as their guide, the Selection Committee will begin to identify their choices for

partic ipation on Team USA.


July 10

The Chair of the Selection Committee will submit, to both the Chair of Team USA and the President of the

BTCA, a list of the identified recommendations.


July 15

The Board of Directors of the BTCA will begin the review of the identified recommendations for Team USA,

submitted by the Selection Committee


July 24

The Board of Directors of the BTCA will finalize approval of the Team and will notify both the Chair of Team USA

and Selection Committee of said approval.


July 27

The Administrator of the Team USA Committee will send out letters of notification/invitation to the eight Selectees.


August 5

The selectees will be required to commit to participation on Team USA.


No later than August 15

The Chair of the Team USA Committee will communicate to the President of the BTCA the list of confirmed

participants. The President of the BTCA will then release the Team USA information to the BTCA Membership.



















The Team USA 2016 class representatives  for 2016:


Dogs Under 2

Madcap Jump The Pond

York Dark Moon Rising

Amaize The Reverend James Original - Reserve


Dogs Over 2

Glentom Seeking Fame and Fortune

Notorious Never Say Never

Formula Power Up For Action - Reserve


Bitches Under 2

Action Miss Money Penny

Amaize Betsey Barbour

Glentom Mint To Break The Rules - Reserve


Bitches Over 2

OC’s What Light Is This O’Malvern

Whistlestop N Bestuvall Paper Moon

Madcap Kiss The Bride – Reserve


Congratulations to our 2016 Team USA members.

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